A perfect, well-furnished home is what we all desire! Whether you are moving into your new home/office or are updating your existing one, buying new furniture and awaiting its arrival is an exciting experience. Having said that, each room or office space will need specific pieces of furniture to complete the overall look and your desire. Now that the furniture has arrived, frustration may take over the excitement as you have to go through the painful process of assembling. An irksome task that you seemed to conveniently take for granted!

Furniture assembly is not as simple as it might seem; it is more or less the same as re-arranging the whole house. It involves putting together hundreds of pieces, struggling to get boxes open, and lifting heavy items into place. Navigating assembly instructions can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to make sense of instructions in a foreign language, or don’t have the appropriate tools for fitting the parts 

Now let’s be realistic and analyze the situation in more depth. Do you have the time to go through all this stress and ordeal? Wouldn’t it be better if you could finish some pending work or sip a cup of coffee and relax while a handyman in Corpus Christi takes over all the assembling tasks? Not only do they have the expertise to deal with every type of furniture assembly, but they can get the task done much faster. So rather than dealing with the stress, you will be able to directly enjoy the comfort of your new furniture.

Keep reading to discover the many benefits of hiring furniture assembly services for your home or business:

Furniture Assembly - FlipFlop Handyman

Save Precious Time and Money

A millennial has to handle work, personal life, and family, and amidst all this madness snatch some “me time” for oneself. If you have moved into your new home or office space, you have tons of tasks on your to-do list and if you wish to DIY the furniture assembly, then it certainly can be draining. The greatest benefit to hiring handyman services for home improvement or repair is that it helps save your precious time. 

The local handyman service employees are just a phone call away; they will stand by your side, managing all your problems while you carry on with your life.

Additionally, hiring a handyman is a one-stop solution for all your repair and maintenance needs. Since they are versatile in handling different problems, it eliminates the need to hire a plumber, electrician, and carpenter separately. So you don’t have to wait for one to finish the task and then call the other service personnel, again saving you time that will go into supervising them individually. Give yourself the gift of time and save money by offloading the work to a professional handyman in Corpus Christi.

Experience and Expertise

For most people putting together furniture isn’t a routine task. A novice would have to spend hours figuring out the instructions, while experts can follow these booklets without much ado. They are pros at discerning confusing instructions as they are familiar with the instruction layouts of major manufacturers. Through their years of experience that comes from dealing with different brands and shapes, the assembling chore gets done much more quickly and efficiently.   

If you were to DIY this task, you might waste a hell lot of time in trial and error, disassembling and reassembling your costly pieces all over again, with every possibility of irreversibly breaking the furniture parts. Furthermore, rather than saving you might have to spend on buying additional parts while professionals will execute the job flawlessly in the first attempt, without leaving a scratch. 

Repair OR Replace

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Homeowners may often discard their broken furniture without weighing the possibility of getting it repaired. Economically, it is highly lucrative to hire a handyman to fix a broken wooden table or chair, rather than opting for a new one. Handymen are masters at carpentry services and can fix your broken furniture to make it look as good as new. And sometimes these old pieces (like your baby’s old crib or your dad’s rocking chair) may have sentimental value attached making it difficult for you to part with them. Local Handyman Services will use their skills and try and salvage these for you.

If you are keen on furnishing your house with customized designs that perfectly suit your taste and needs, our technicians will help to transform your vision into reality. By ditching the prefabricated designs, you will save yourself from finding the right piece and waiting for months for it to arrive. 

Correct Tools And Equipment 

Carpentry Service - FlipFlop Handyman

Furniture assembly services are outfitted with a large variety of the latest assembling tools(wrench, pliers, bolts, staple gun, etc.) necessary to fit different types of furniture and they know how to use them properly. Although prefabricated furniture sold in stores comes with a basic set of tools to let you do the assembling by yourself, there is every possibility that you might encounter some unexpected difficulties following the instruction manual or using the tools.

Additionally, some furniture might require using power tools, which you may not have at your disposal since you would not be doing such tasks regularly. So you will need to make a trip to the hardware store and buy the tool that you may just end up using once. In all likelihood, your tool may collect dust, while sitting in the garage or shed. Hiring the furniture assembly services will save you from wasting time and money as they will arrive with the tools that they need to set up the furniture properly. 

Safety Comes First

For the average person, setting up your furniture can be hazardous as the chances of accidents occurring might increase due to a lack of experience and expertise. Fitting furniture involves climbing ladders, lifting heavy objects, using power tools, etc. You could break your toes, strain your back or injure your fingers, due to a small misjudgment. Also, after all the hard work, if all the furniture is not affixed appropriately, especially those mounted on walls or sports equipment installation, then accidents are likely to happen, causing harm to you or your loved ones. And if a heavy piece slips from your hand or falls from a height, you will have to pay to repair or replace the item.

Why go through all this stress? Assembly experts are thoroughly trained in proper safety procedures. and are equipped with safety gear to set up the furniture without injury. You can feel confident knowing that there is zero percent risk since the skilled handyman technicians will handle your items with caution and care. 

Hiring our handymen in Corpus Christi means that you no longer have to juggle with sharp objects or power tools. And they ensure that the assembling environment is safe and sound for all by organizing the workplace in order.

No Need To Cleanup

Furniture assembling can get quite messy; especially, if you have used drills and screws, the place may have sawdust or other debris all around. You may also find pieces of styrofoam or bits of cardboard shrapnel littered across your floor.  Cleaning up after a DIY furniture assembling task can be tiring, considering that it involves unpacking boxes, unwrapping newly bought furniture, or putting/moving things in the right place. 

The solution is simple! Professional furniture assembly services will also clean up after themselves so that you don’t have to deal with the sight of a mess. You will have perfectly assembled furniture, giving you some spare time to tidy your home/office as they will clear up all the unwanted mess and declutter your spaces. Also, they will not only give you your home as they found it, but they will prevent you from a tripping hazard that could be common with umpteen tools, boxes, and other stuff scattered on the floor. 


If you wish to add life and personality to your room, decorate it with the right pieces of furniture. And if you wish to do away with the stress of furniture assembly, pick up your phone and call FlipFlop Handyman! Just like your home repair and maintenance, we will walk you through the entire process and ensure that your furniture is assembled promptly.

We have skilled professionals with the desired tools and expertise needed to get your job done right the very first time. Our staff will accomplish the task in no time, giving you more freedom to do the things that matter to you. Our satisfied clients speak highly of our services! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!