The cornered walls of our homes provide us with protection from external factors such as harsh weather conditions, harmful animals, and unwanted guests. As structured as these foundations may seem, they age over time in the forms of rotten wood, exterior and interior cracks, and joint separation. These issues can also be due to earthquakes, humidity, and extreme heat. 

Proper wall maintenance will save you money and avoid significant damage to your wall in the long haul. It is essential to know the small tasks you can manage and which repairs need an experienced handyman.

Below are practical ways to make the walls of your house as good as new.

  1. Clean your wall.  This will help surface deterioration and indoor air pollution. In addition, a spotless wall can preserve the paint longer.

Moreover, different wall surfaces require methods of cleaning. It depends on the type of paint and the wall texture.

  • Flat paint finishes are tricky to clean because they are less durable, and dirt can easily cling to this type of finish. Using harsh chemicals can easily remove and damage the paint. Wash these walls lightly using a soft, dampened sponge and with a cleaning solution. You can mix a significant amount of detergent, just enough to remove the stains or dirt. 
  • Latex paint can be matte to gloss. Cleaning matte finishes can be easy. But with semi-gloss, eggshell finishes, or satin, you should follow a different method. Take an electrostatic cloth to wipe the dust and dirt. Next, mix warm water and a multipurpose cleaner that doesn’t have a bleaching agent. Lastly, dip a sponge in the solution and gently wipe it on the stained area in a circular motion.
  • Oil-based paints are easy to clean because of their glossy finish. While many use vinegar, the acid can damage and dull the paint. Instead, use baking soda, dish soap, and warm water. Keep your sponged damped while you are scrubbing the dirt. The dish soap will have enough dirt-busting power for oil-based paint, while the baking soda is mildly abrasive.
  1. Consider repainting your wall. It will give your space a fresh look and restore a space’s appeal, especially when a room has worn-out walls. Do not use paint meant for your interior to paint the exterior. Get help from an expert handyman if you have a challenge deciding which color or theme to go for.
  1. Do a visual check. Look around and apply immediate solutions to minor wall problems. You can ask a professional for a home inspection to check the condition of your walls. They can tell whether the issue is structural or non-structural and provide the solutions right away. 
  1. Observe any dampness or leakage in your walls. Accumulation of puffy white or crystalline deposits, peeling, and deterioration are common wall problems that can adversely affect human health. It’s a smart move to call your local handyman to inspect your walls and plumbing system. They will have the necessary tools and knowledge to fix the problem immediately. 
  1. Stains can be a headache when not cleaned right away. Wall blemishes can either be oil-based or waterborne. Too much damage from the removal of stain may cause chipped paint. Use a wet cloth to get rid of the waterborne paints. For oil stains like grease, crayons, and lipstick, a dishwashing soap does the trick.


Walls are often parts of the house that are often not regularly maintained. It is the primary responsibility of homeowners to preserve the integrity of their homes. To avoid more issues in the long haul, you can contact the most credible and reliable handyman services in Corpus Christi and let them get the job done—efficiently.