Homebuilding requires many elements that should harmoniously work together to create your dream home. This includes the architecture of the house, as well as the exterior and interior designs. However, one aspect of design that homeowners often overlook is lighting.

When decorating or redecorating your house, the lights you select can make a big difference. Choosing the right light fixtures can make a room look more inviting and functional. For example, hanging a unique chandelier can spice up a foyer or entryway. The right type of lighting can even make a space look aesthetic, making it a favorite area for parties and events. 

First thing’s first, let’s understand the various types of lighting that are great accents or base lights suited for your Corpus Christi home. 

  • Ambient or general lighting is the most basic fixture that serves as a central source of light and foundation for all the other lighting. It is intended to brighten up the whole space, ensuring a clear view of any area and allowing people to navigate the room safely. 

It is usually created using overhead fixtures like recessed chandeliers, track lights, and other ceiling lamps or stand-alone fixtures like table lamps.

  • Accent lighting is used to draw attention to certain features of your house or office. It builds upon general lighting. It is paired with ambient lighting as the background, while accent lighting draws the viewer’s attention to a particular area or object. 

Wall-mounted fixtures for artwork, sconces, tables, and floor lamps are good examples of accent lights. 

  • Decorative lighting’s primary purpose is to create a mood and enhance the beauty of any room. Sometimes, homeowners get too excited about adding beautiful decorative fixtures. Certain factors should be considered like cost-saving, power effectiveness, affordability, and the room’s functionality. 

Interior decorative lighting includes ceiling fixtures like chandeliers or table fixtures like lamps and wall fixtures like paintings, medals, and trophies.

  • Task lighting is a helpful feature installed to illuminate a particular area to make any task more manageable. These types of fixtures should complement the rest of the lighting in a room. It could be kitchen island pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, or vanity mirror lights. 

Now we’re ready to talk about the things to consider when selecting the light fixtures:

You might get excited about designing your new space. However, there might be an inconvenience in choosing lights that are high maintenance. A chandelier with a lot of crystals requires a lot of careful cleaning.

Another thing to consider is the height of your lights. A hanging lamp above the dining table may enhance the mood but sometimes causes accidents. 

Lastly, choose the light size that is appropriate for your room. For instance, a chandelier might not be suitable in a living space with a low ceiling.


After carefully planning your new space design and picking the right light fixtures for your home, you will need some help with proper installation. It will help if you have a local professional installer in Corpus Christi who is trained in analyzing power systems and knows local electrical codes to ensure excellence and safety.