The holiday mood starts to set in with the weather transitioning from fall to winter. Who doesn’t enjoy the most beautiful time of the year? Getting your home ready for the holidays, preparing delicious festive food, and creating wonderful memories is on most of our to-do list. 

​So before the air turns crisp, and you start the final countdown, we recommend indulging in cleaning and organizing. Our holiday preparation checklist will help to get your home ready for the upcoming season while keeping the stress at bay. 

Tips to prepare your home for Christmas:

Professional Christmas Decorators

Spruce Up Your Front Entryway

Nothing can be more welcoming than a spruced-up entryway. Whether it’s festive or not, your entryway screams leaps and bounds about your home. Keep your front walk and porch free of ice and snow, preventing anyone from slipping and sliding while they approach your front door. 

To make your home sparkle at night during the festive season, test all outdoor lighting. A well-lit entryway is a surefire way to carve a first good impression when you have friends and family coming home at night. If you are not too much into the festive decor, the least you can do is hang a wreath on your front door or place battery-operated lanterns along the walkway to entice your guest before they enter your home.

Light Up Your Living Room

Start by decluttering your living room so that you have a clean slate to create your wonderful holiday home. Our home maintenance professionals advise checking your carpet for stains and odors to see if your carpet needs cleaning or replacement. At the same time, continue with furniture inspection to find anything unsightly. 

Once your list of repairs or replacement is ready, the next step is to make your living room look spic and span. Make sure the windows, doors, carpets, and furniture pieces are clean. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to make your living room festive.

To add holiday cheer to spaces in your home, dazzle your home with lights in different hues. If you decide to DIY these chores, then it will take up a lot of your precious family time. If you choose to spend your time hanging lights and detangling wires, you might have to forgo sipping the hot coffee on your couch with your loved ones.

Why carry the burden when you can contact trusted Christmas light installers to do the job for you? It will take the stress off your shoulders, avoiding mishaps and preventing damage. 

Lighting plays a crucial role to make or break your home’s appeal. Not only for festive lighting, but you can contact us to select the right fixtures for your home. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting, our team will ensure that you’ll enjoy splendid customized lighting that will sparkle your home, whether it be day or night.

Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is another important place that demands deep cleaning as your guests are sure to use the bathroom when they visit you. To make sure it looks presentable, wipe all the surfaces thoroughly, making them residue free.  While doing so keep an eye out for mold and mildew. If you find any, simply cleaning it would not suffice. A professional look will help to identify any potential underlying issues. 

Additionally, reach out to a handyman in Corpus Christi Texas to replace broken tiles, toilets, showers, and old grout over a weekend before the guests arrive. We will also check if your geyser and bathroom fan is up and running to save you from any unwanted hassle.

Stock up on extra toiletries like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, and swap out your everyday towels with holiday ones. Adding scented candles is an easy hack to make your guests feel special during the festive season.

Declutter Your Kitchen 

Your kitchen is the most used place during the festive season; cooking meals and festive delicacies might take a good portion of your time. To ensure that your cooking spree is uninterrupted, a thorough check of all your cooking appliances will surely help. If you find any faulty appliance or need help fixing anything in your kitchen, home repair service is at your disposal. We will get everything up and functional in no time, ensuring that your festive celebrations are full of fun and frolic.

Next, you need to declutter. You are going to need ample space on your kitchen island, so get rid of any extra item that may be lying there. And not to forget the kitchen decor; you can hang a wreath, place some festive napkins or mats, or choose an iconic centerpiece to add a festive feel.

Decorate Your Bedrooms

Home maintenance

Swap out some simple decor items in your bedroom with festive elements to create a welcome holiday mood. Your guest will be particularly impressed with your efforts if the guest bedroom is all cozy for them to relax after a fun-filled day. 

Change the bed linen and pillows and check for the room heating on priority. Use your holiday favorite color for your bed linen and pillows for an added touch. Some extra light and a small lighted tree by the bedside can amp the room’s aura. Professional Christmas decorators will help out with every minute nuance to give your home the right festive vibe.

Aside from adding candles and garlands, you can move the furniture around, add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, clean the closet and add some extra shelves to display more holiday-themed items. With help from Flip Flop Handyman in Corpus Christi, you can get your house holiday ready in a jiffy!


Christmas is just around the corner and the celebrations will be starting soon! If you have a busy work schedule at hand but still want to prepare your home for the upcoming Christmas holidays, there is no need to worry! FlipFlop Handyman has you covered. We can assist you with all of your holiday preparations, big or small. 

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