As the climate change crisis becomes more urgent every day, many individuals are doing their part to have as environmentally friendly households as possible-from plastic-free to enhanced recycling. People are now changing their ways towards a sustainable and efficient household. 

 It’s a fact that energy efficient is essential in battling against pollution. Although the environmental benefits of these changes are obvious, the direct effect is the reduced electricity bills you’ll receive! This is great news, especially for those homeowners.

So, regardless of your reason, we are here to guide and convince you to apply ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

How to improve energy efficiency at home

There are many ways to turn your household into an energy-efficient home. To properly do that, you must create a concrete plan to implement these changes.

First, do a home energy audit. It’s when you review your property and look for the areas that can be improved to save you energy. You can do this yourself. But, it’s not just as simple as switching your light bulb to an energy-saving LED. Doing this yourself can potentially waste your money if you make improvements that aren’t actually needed. 

As such, take note that a professional has all the tools and training. So, it’s better to call your local handyman. He will be able to do a thorough survey from every nook of your home and identify the areas where your electricity and heat can go to waste. Thus, you can create a plan together for a more energy-efficient home. 

Second, strengthen the structure of your property. Heating and cooling make up 50-70% of home energy use, so don’t waste it by letting the cold or warm air escape in the cracks and holes of your home’s exterior. This will lead you to higher bills! You can call your trusted handyman to repair wall damage. 

Another smart move is enhancing your insulation. It’s the key to reducing energy use and decreasing your family’s carbon footprint. This serves as a barrier during the winter and summer. This may seem a big investment at first, but this is a long-term investment for your family’s comfort and shield against sickness brought by the weather. 

Third and definitely last but not least, fix the energy on the inside of your home. Let’s start with the heating system as heating takes up 60% of energy bills. It’s only rational to make sure that your boiler is well-maintained. 

The cracks and holes of your house may be fixed, but the second escape route for air is the doors and windows. You can ask your local handyman to install double-glazed windows and well-insulated doors to stop draughts and keep the heat contained in your home. 

What is the most common thing in every room of your house? Of course, it has to be light bulbs. You’ll use this every day and therefore it makes financial sense to implement some changes regarding this matter. Again, it’s a large investment to switch to energy-efficient or LED bulbs but imagine saving up from 35$ to 3$! With the switching in mind, upgrade your refrigerator or air conditioner to a much more eco-friendly one. 


We hope that these changes open up your mind in making your home energy efficient. You’re saving the planet and your money! Great, right?

Maintenance is essential for all appliances in saving energy. You have to make sure that they all work in optimal condition. So, head to your local Flip Flop Handyman in Corpus Christi to find the most reliable and trusted handyman you’ll ever work with!