Drywall is a cutting-edge solution that replaces popular construction materials like plaster and lath, resulting in lower building costs. It is made out of paper boards that sandwich a gypsum lining that is easy to work with and install. This humble material is more stable than plaster and looks amazing once painted. Additionally, it keeps unwanted moisture, air, and pests out of your home and is fire resistant. 

But, unfortunately, this wonderful material is damaged easily and requires regular upkeep, replacement, or repair. When you are living in a space, wear and tear are inevitable. There is a constant movement of people, pets, furniture, etc. making holes and dents in the drywall. No matter how careful you are, it is impossible to avoid every bump against your wall. Burst pipes, excess humidity, and poor ventilation too may create holes, erosion, or sagging on drywalls.

As a homeowner, you want your home’s interiors and exteriors to look flawless. You might instantly think of trying the drywall repair job by yourself instead of hiring a professional. But there are several moving parts in a drywall project, and getting anything wrong means inviting unwanted trouble and expense.

Our expert Handymen in Corpus Christi Texas are here to give you the main reasons why it is better to hire a professional for drywall repair jobs, rather than trying to do it yourself.  

Reasons why you should hire a pro instead of DIY:

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Intricate Steps Involved

To sort out even the smallest drywall issues, you need to follow these steps:

  • Assess the Surface
  • Understand How Far the Damage Goes
  • Get Tools and Materials  to Accomplish the Repair Job
  • Applying the Precise Amount(not too much nor too little) of Joint Compound
  • Matching Primers and Paints to Walls to Prevent Blotches and Clashing Colors
  • Prime and Paint the Repaired Walls

No matter how attentive you are, there is so much potential for error in DIY drywall repair, making it crucial to contact our handyman service to get the job done.

They Have the Experience Needed to Get the Job Done Quickly

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An expert home maintenance service company, apart from having the requisite knowledge, also realizes the individual needs of each of its customers. Over the years, drywall repair professionals have encountered many different kinds of damage your drywall could experience and with their expertise, they know precisely what needs to be done to fix the problem. Our drywall professionals will create an entire repair plan for you; from estimates to the exact course of action, they will explain all the details, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

There is no denying that there are umpteen online tutorials that will show you how to patch or install plasterboard, but when you try it yourself you will not be able to replicate the detail and perfectionism of an expert drywall repair professional. 

Creating a smooth and seamless wall can be the most important part of any drywall installation as that will ensure that your walls look polished, even, and professionally done. When drywall boards are fit together at the edges, a small crack will remain apparent between each pair of adjacent boards, unless a good home maintenance service professional has a solid seam filling technique to overcome this issue.

Drywall boards tend to have a rough texture due to the composite material that makes them. Corpus Christi painting services prep your boards perfectly to ensure that this problem is overcome so that you get a flawless-looking paint job. They will carefully check the surface, expertly repair any nicks or dents in the wall, and will finally sand the entire wall to remove any dust, making the surface smooth to be primed and painted.

You might feel like patting your back if you manage to accomplish this home improvement task, but we assure you that you also might see lines, bumps, or even the tape peeping through your job. You certainly won’t be able to achieve the finesse that interior painting services guarantee. Once they are done, you may not even be able to spot the area of damage.

They Follow Safety Protocols

Like any home maintenance or improvement task, there are certain risks of installing or fixing drywall boards. Handyman Corpus Christi has a team of trained professionals who know how to follow proper safety protocols. Our team wears masks and safety goggles to protect them from dust and debris. Work gloves guard their hands against being cut. Our team is careful to put the tools away safely when they are not using them. They have a knack for lifting heavy loads that help to protect their backs.

It Saves Your Precious Time and Money

Saves Your Precious Time and Money

Depending on the size of the job, drywall repair jobs can be extremely time-consuming for those who have little to no experience. They generally work by the trial and error method, in contrast to professional handyman services who can do the job to perfection in a couple of days. 

When homeowners DIY household projects, they tend to drag on due to distractions and busy schedules. Handyman services work under contract, which can eliminate the stress of completing a never-ending project. When you hire our services, you can mutually agree on an appropriate time frame to finish the task. Pros simply want to get the work done quickly and get paid on time. Additionally, they work as a team which makes the drywall repair or installation quicker and more efficient than an individual.

In today’s fast-paced world, time equates to money. Demanding a job with long working hours leaves people feeling exhausted at the end of the day with a need to recharge their batteries by relaxing over the weekend. People don’t have enough time to do an excessive amount of extra work. Precious time spent on home improvement tasks could be better utilized doing things you enjoy.

Although it might sound counterintuitive, you’ll save money by hiring home maintenance service professionals to do the job right. When enthusiastic homeowners try their hand at DIY adventures it ends up costing them more than it would if they sought professional assistance. Firstly, homeowners end up investing time and money in purchasing high-quality drywall tools (like drywall saws or measuring tools) that you might end up using once. When you hire professionals, they not only have the latest equipment for the job, but they also have a proper practice in operating these tools. Hiring professionals will prevent this waste of resources that would simply clutter your garage.

Additionally, if you end up making a mistake it might cost you more, considering that the job will have to be re-done. You might have to buy more material, call a professional or spend your weekend doing this job correctly. Give yourself the gift of time and reduce unwanted stress by Handyman in Corpus Christi Texas.

Beyond that drywall damage could be a sign of underlying problems such as problems in your original drywall hanging, flooring issues, moisture damage, termite damage, or structural issues. Homeowners who decide to DIY wouldn’t have the faintest idea about these issues, leading to additional problems in the future. 


Opting for DIY drywall repairs can be a good way to save money, but it can be more complicated than it seems. Cutting corners on drywall can not only ruin the look of an entire room, but it is pivotal to do the job perfectly for aesthetic and structural reasons. If done incorrectly it can leave your entire project looking sloppy and unprofessional.

For quick, efficient, and professional services in Corpus Christi, contact FlipFlop Handyman! Our team of skillful professionals has decades of experience working in the trade, and they have the knowledge needed to get the job done right.  Aside from your drywall repair, we can assist you with any other issues in your household or business. Don’t wait for your problems to become bigger, instead come to us!

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