Most homeowners ignore their septic tank until they suddenly encounter some issues. These sanitation systems are often responsible for leakages, environmental pollution, and certain diseases.

The truth is, septic tanks require some effort to maintain, and it’s essential to have septic tank service regularly. Ignoring that fact, you’ll end up unable to use the toilet, take a shower, or even use the dishwasher. 

If your home relies on a septic tank, you have to ensure that you have a proper and regular maintenance service to avoid significant fixes in the long haul. 

Sit back as we will look at five of the most common septic tank problems that will make you scratch your head and ways to avoid them.

  • Improper Installation 

Improper installation of your septic tank will lead to more repairs in the long haul. These include hydraulic failures, contamination of nearby water sources, and clogged systems.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you hire a reliable and trusted handyman service provider to accommodate your plumbing needs. A reputable plumbing service company will offer you the right tools and the right experienced handyman to complete the job.

  • Ground Movement

Considering the fact that septic tanks are situated underground, ground movement affects the performance of the sanitation systems. Even the slightest ground moment can have a massive impact on your septic tank. The pressure can be so intense that it can either crack or break it. 

In most cases, groundwater can seep its way through the cracks of the tank and will not separate solid and liquid wastes. This part is where the convenience of a reliable plumbing service comes in. Make sure to speak to a septic tank service company right away if you see some red flags to avoid more significant problems in the future.

  • Damage from Tree/Plant Roots

Septic tanks exude a lot of moisture, making the soil fertile and suitable for the plants. Hence, tree roots are drawn to this moisture and are among the trickiest issues to deal with because you’ll never know where these roots will pop out. 

Even if you don’t have any trees or plants near your property, your neighbors may have. And by the laws of nature, roots will need to go further from the soil to find the nutrients they will need, intruding into the nearest septic tank that it can find. 

However, if you have plants or trees nearby, you might want to relocate them. In addition, make sure to get professional help to inspect the area to ensure that tree roots won’t cause a messy situation.

  • Collapsed Baffle 

The primary purpose of the septic tank baffle is to help with the flow of wastewater. The baffles will then dispense the water, septic solids, oils, grease, and fats smoothly down into the bottom of the tank. 

In the worst-case scenario that the baffle does collapse, solid stuff can get into the soakaway system resulting in blockage with wastewater going into your house. As a result, you’ll end up with a messy and stinky home that’s hard to clean up. 

Then, you might not only be dealing with a plumbing service but also a contractor to rebuild the foundation of your house.

  • Lack of Consistent Maintenance 

This is probably the most common problem that a homeowner will encounter, and of course, the easiest one to avoid. Prioritizing regular maintenance and repair will save you a lot of money by preventing costly repairs in the future.

For your septic tank maintenance, it is essential to empty your sanitation system regularly. The schedule for emptying a septic tank varies from each type. Some will be once a year; for others, it could be 4-5. Nevertheless, regular maintenance and emptying will keep your tank in the best condition and avoid financial constraints in the long haul.


One septic tank can cause all types of problems. If you are not a handyman, understand that the most common septic tank problems are entirely out of your control. The best thing is to find a reliable plumbing service near you and ask for a regular septic tank inspection. 

The inspection will uncover any issues that need to be addressed. It is also vital to find a plumbing service that is near you for immediate repairs. If you’re in Corpus Christi, better call the trusted Flip Flop Handyman to get the job done efficiently.