No alternatives to drywall offer the same benefits to your Corpus Christi home as it does. This fire-resistant material has an excellent insulation feature that helps you maintain the temperature of the rooms in your home. In addition, the material is cost-efficient, and you won’t have to put a lot of money on the table when it comes to repairs and maintenance. 

However, as versatile and durable as it is, certain factors can still ruin its form or quality. Have you noticed holes and scuffs on the drywall in your house? How did they get there? There are many ways drywall can get ruined. Here are common causes of drywall damage and the repairs that will keep your walls looking good as new!

Water Damage 

This is one of the leading causes of broken drywall. If you can spot water damage like your drywall bulging, immediately call your local handyman to fix it to avoid dealing with bigger issues down the road. Drywall repair for water damage is a must, not because it’s terrible, but because the drywall will not hold up due to it being weakened. Remove the drywall immediately so that it doesn’t start to grow mold. Call your local handyman in Corpus Christi to handle the drywall repair and installation. Also, make sure that this time, you’ll be able to find a reliable handyman to handle your plumbing system.


Cracks on your drywall should not be taken lightly. If you look closely at your drywall and notice a crack, you should immediately contact a local handyman in Corpus Christi to repair the damage. Drywall cracks can be caused by changes in seasons, humidity, your house settling, or improper installation. Either way, if you ignore this problem, it can get bigger over time which is costly to fix. 

Furniture Marks

When furniture gets pressed up against your drywall for long periods, it can leave scuffs or marks. They can be unpleasant to the eyes, but are the easiest to repair. All you have to do is lightly damp your sponge on the affected area. If it still doesn’t work, call your trusted local handyman to apply a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper to cover it. Be extra careful next time by leaving a space between furniture and walls. 

Popping Nails

This is one of the most common drywall repairs needed. Don’t reach out for your hammer if you encounter this type of issue. You can do further damage, and the nail could come out again. To repair it, casually remove the nail and locate the stud. Take your nail and hammer it through at a slightly different angle so it will be securely fastened. You can also fill the holes, sand over the area, and repaint the wall. It will look good as new! 

Termite Damage 

Because of the drywall’s material, termites can easily seep through. These pests can be hidden within walls, making it harder for you to notice them. If you find any termite damage, immediately call an exterminator! These issues can show up by a hollow sound, pinholes, damaged paint, and wood damage.

To sum up, drywall is still an incredibly useful material. It is also durable, highly affordable, and customizable based on your aesthetic. Despite its many advantages, drywall will occasionally require strengthening and repairs. Take note of the importance of proper drywall installation and when to hire a reliable and experienced handyman to deal with the technical maintenance and repair.