Homeowners often overlook that there’s more to their dryer vent than just cleaning the noticeable lint buildup. Your clogged vent can be highly dangerous if left unattended. Approximately 15,600 household fires, 400 injuries, and 15 deaths are caused by dryer vent fires yearly. In 1996, the US Consumer Prod Safety Commission reported 15,000 household fires caused by dryers. Having your ventilation system adequately cleaned by a local handyman regularly is one of the wisest things you can do to protect yourself and your family. 

In order for a dryer to properly operate, it needs to have a vent. This feature serves as a suction that removes lint from clothes and allows air to circulate effectively. The heat, moisture, and lint are all expelled outdoors and away from your home. Given this factor, it is never safe to run a dryer without a vent. 

To enlighten you more, here are the benefits of dry vent cleaning:

Health and property safety

As discussed in the latter part, dryers run hot, and lint is highly flammable. But, while fire prevention is on the top list on why you should clean your vent, there are also multiple health reasons. Improper ventilation can deposit moisture, creating wet spots inside the tube. This can get caught with the built-up lint and will result in molds that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. 

Besides calling for your local handyman in Corpus Christi to develop a maintenance plan, you can also do your part in reducing the buildup of harmful gases and moist air by keeping the room well-aerated, opening doors and windows when using the dryer. 

Keep your clothing looking good 

Your clothes are always at risk of being stretched and worn down every time you put them in the dryer because the heat will ruin the small fiber in the clothing. This is a normal process whenever you use this machine. However, you can prolong its process by maintaining the efficiency of your unit through regular maintenance. 

A dirty dryer will make it hard to distribute the heat efficiently. It has to run longer cycles. Therefore, all clothes that are thrown into the dryer are exposed to high heat for longer times. 

You can also segregate your clothes by identifying those fabrics that are safe to tumble dry in the machine and those that need to be air-dried like wool and silk. 

Reduces electricity bills and environmentally friendly 

Vent dryers that aren’t well maintained will have to work harder than they need to, burning more energy. A dryer with a dirty filter or a clogged exhaust will let you run the machine longer to get the clothes dry. You could use as much as 30% or more electricity. It’s not only bad for the environment but in your pocket, leaving you with high electricity bills. 

Traditional dryer vents can let outside air and moisture into your home. As such, consider investing in an energy-efficient dry vent cover. An energy-efficient vent cover blocks winter air, reducing lint buildup, thus lowering clog development.

Signs your dryer vent needs cleaning 

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep track of the maintenance of every appliance in your house. To help you out, let’s look through three signs that you need to watch out for. 

The first and the visible one would be the lint buildup in the dryer opening and floating around the room. Second, whenever you’re using the dryer, the laundry room gets very hot, and it will take longer cycles for your clothes to dry out. Lastly, the clothes are scorching after the cycle, and it even gets to the point where it’s burning. 

Those factors should be taken seriously. After spotting those red flags, you can apply necessary measures like cleaning the buildup or opening the windows. However, you will still need the help of professionals to inspect your machine thoroughly, especially when it’s been a while since you had your dryer vent cleaned. 


Extended drying times can damage the fabrics of your clothing. Regular maintenance will ensure that your clothes are being appropriately dried and you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy.
Your dryer vent should be cleaned by the experts at least once a year. But, you can also do regular cleaning yourself. However, if you’re unsure how to clean it, disconnect the dryer duct and reassemble the ductwork. To ensure efficient results, it is always best to call for the professional handyman to do get the job right swiftly!